After a week on the road in northern Goiás I spent a weekend with family in Brasilia, the city where I was born.  I cannot remember the last time I was here but it was around 2000 or so.  There I stayed with my cousin Cesar and his family as well as by great aunts.  Brasilia is really an amazing city.  If you ever get the chance you should go to see it.  There's just no place like in on Earth.  And it's not like any other Brazilian city.  Truly unique.  ♦


Posted by Igor on
A note on the Brazilian National Congress building, the 09/11 World Trade Center twin towers were inspired on this building design... ;)
Posted by Mariana on
Como sempre, fotos perfeitas! Brasilia realmente é um lugar fascinante! Eu gostei muito das fotos da bandeira nacional e do panorama da praça dos três poderes!
Posted by marina Caldas on
Beautiful pics!
homesick blues...
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