I spent five days in Zacatecas, Mexico on a work trip with colleagues.  For me this is one of the nicest places in Mexico.  It's a Spanish-colonial town with cobblestone streets, old architecture, and lots of history.  It was built around silver mining and it's still an active mining region.

While there I got to visit the La Quemada archeological site as well as drink mezcal from a donkey...yeah, that's right (see the pictures).

This was a great trip as I was accompanied by three colleagues from work.  But it was bittersweet as it was Isabelle Chenier's last trip with the company.  Isabelle has been my travel companion to Mexico since our first trip together in 2005 (Oaxaca, Mexico | October 2005).  Since then we've travelled to Mexico a few times a year.  You will see Isabelle's picture all over my website.  All the best to you Isabelle!  ♦


Posted by Alastair on
Amazing photos, that's an impressive place and some impressive photography!
Posted by Michael Li on
Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories and wonderful pictures. Well done.
Posted by Dre on
You got the eye man, great stuff, loved the head statue, very cool.
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