I've come back from a week-long work trip to Veracruz state, Mexico.  I was in a small beach-side village called Villa Rica.  Just about the nicest place for an exploration camp.  Coconut, mango and tamarind trees everywhere.  A five-minute walk to the beach fro anywhere in the village.  Villa Rica is the place where the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés first landed in Mexico.

I want to thank the gang at Minera Cardel for their hospitality.  They made sure I got to see some of the tourist site around such as the Quiahuixtlan archeological site.  ♦


Posted by Edil on
Hola Chawki,
gracias por la oportunidad que nos das de poder ver más de "cerca" tan imprecionantes parajes de Veracruz.
se parece a un sitio que ya viste por acá descubierto por Critobal Colon.
Chao amigo.
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