I just happen to be in Toronto for a few days at the same time as the G20 meetings happening there.  Here are some crazy pictures of Toronto as you've never seen it before.

I was in the Eaton Centre watching Ghana beat the USA when the security guards came and told us all to get to the exits.  They turned off the TVs and to the doors we went.  They wouldn't let us walk outside, though, until the mob had passed.  When they let us out I saw what the fuss was all about.  There were a huge group of people (mostly kids) dressed in black with bandanas on their faces moving up Yonge Street.  I went up to see the action but I did not have my camera on me.  I suck.

These guys were selectively smashing store windows as they moved their way up Yonge Street and onto College.  Starbucks, Tim Horton's, Bell, CIBC, Money Mart... all smashed.  One guy who broke the windows at Bell walked in and started throwing out cell phones to the crowd.  At Tim Horton's they dragged out the tables and chairs and used them to smash windows at other stores.  There was one moment where they threatened a security guard who was then pulled into a building by his partners.

I then walked to my hotel, got my camera and took pictures of the aftermath.  I hope you like the shots.  ♦


Posted by Heather on
Funny when I watched this on the TV news I was most puzzled by the numerous spectators and wondered, "Who is crazy enough to be right in the thick of it taking photos?" Now I know :-)
Posted by Dgee on
Great photos! I hate it when "protesters" cover up their faces. They make themselves less credible. If you have something to protest do it properly (without vandalism) and show your face. What do you have to hide. They aren't really protesters, just criminals waiting for an opportunity.
Posted by Patricia Jreige on
Posted by Blaster on
yeah!! UNIONIZE!!
Posted by Tony Nykiel on
Hey Chawki, not bad reportage man. We get a disconnect when watching these scenes on tv from so far away, it is good to see through your eyes. You have come a long way in your people photography. I like the shot of the riot policewoman, well framed.

Thanks for sharing
Posted by Dre on
Woah, you should join Dreamstime and put these up as editorial pieces, I'm sure some would be published, great job Chawki!
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