I had the good fortune to attend my friends' wedding in Toronto this summer.  Congratulations to Eli and Nerina!  It was a Hindu wedding and just about the coolest ceremony ever.  Nerina was resplendent; the most stunning bride at any wedding I've ever been too. Afterwards we had a great time at the party.  You will see lots of poorly-exposed shots on the dance floor.  That because I was happy/drunk, weilding my camera on the dance floor taking shots without even looking.  But I think they show the good time we had.

You'll also notice that these shots are being displayed in reverse order.  There is a limitation on my website that will take a lot of time for me to fix.  So it has to stay as it is for now.  I hope to do some housekeeping/maintenance work on my site sometime in the next few months.  For now, though, you might want to start at the end and work backward.  :)

I hope you like the pics!  ♦


Posted by Nerina on
AMAZING PHOTOS!!!! Thank you Chawki! I luv them all. We are soo happy to have you share in our special day. I will definitely have to add some of these pics to our wedding album. I should have hired you for our photographer :-) Can't wait to see you again.
Posted by Patricia on
Love these pictures! And I love "Home for a Rest". Best party song ever.
Posted by Erika on
Wow, incredible shots, and I kind of like the reverse order of them! The photos of just Nerina are amazing. Well done and congrats to Nerina and Eli.
Posted by Kelly on
Looks like a great weddingPictures are beautiful!!!Love your comments especially. Of Eli's dance moves feelings so good and looking so wrong!!!Allabout the effort Eli!!!!Kel
Posted by Kevin on
Shame we couldn't make it to share the spendour! (And the CH3CH2OH...)
Excellent photos Chawki - as usual
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