I spent a week at an underground mine site (Minera La Negra) in central Mexico.  A very picturesque place in the mountains.  It was all work, but the scenery was amazing.  This is my second trip to this mine site.  I was last there in 2007.  You might want to check out those pics too:  Queretaro | February 2007.  ♦


Posted by Steve on
Wow bro, these are some of your best shots ever. I really like the pictures of the people - the b&w accordian player, the mother with the baby in the sling, the shoe shine (they both look like they're sleeping, by the way - very funny), and the lady sitting on the ground selling her artwork. The gargoyle is cool, too. Excellent work man!
Posted by Alastair Hart on
Amazingly good photography
Posted by cissy on
amazing pictures! they're soo good, you could sell them!
Posted by Patricia on
OK, first of all, that donkey is too damn cute. Second, I almost had a heart attack thinking about you driving on that road (pic #21 was scary). Third, the last panorama pic is absolutely stunning.
Posted by Chantale on
Wow Chawki, beautiful photos!! The mine looked kind of scary, looks like an experience!!
Posted by Steve on
I forgot to point out something - the dude in picture #26 is wearing a Starsky & Hutch t-shirt. Love it!
Posted by Chawki on
Yeah, I saw that Starsky & Hutch t-shirt but didn't bother to mention it. As you can see, I only go where the classy people are. :)
Posted by Steve on
And #17 is a terrific shot - the brown goat looking at the camera. He has such an inquisitive look on his face, like he's wondering who you are and what the heck you're doing there. Excellent focus on his face, too. Nice one bro.
Posted by Edil Hernández Vidal on
Hola Chawki,
muy impresionates tus fotos y de alticima calidad.
nunca he tenido la oportunidad de estar en minas subterráneas, asi que te agradezco esas imágenes.
un abrazo
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