I have not been to Oaxaca since 2005 when I took a side trip there with my friend Isabelle.  This time I was there for work and got to take some holidays.  I spent four days in Puerto Escondido before then heading to Durango for another few days.  It was an adventure to get there as I had to take a Kombi van from Oaxaca city for six hours packed in with a dozen other people.  But it was worth it when I got there.  If you have not been to Puerto Escondido it's so worth it.  A sleepy, out-of-the-way fishing town.  ♦


Posted by JM on
Beach, Beers and Oysters.

Hard Life :)
Posted by Alastair on
Awesome, really like the surfing shots
Posted by Claudia Mtz on

Se ve que te fue muy bien!!!! como te envidío!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Isabelle on
Those are awesome shots Chawki! Was it that long ago we went to Oaxaca? Time flies!
Posted by Patricia on
Love the surf shots!!
Posted by Dre on
Seems to me the only difference between you and a pro, is your lack of snobbery. Great shots!
Posted by Steve on
Excellent shots bro. I really like the crow picture (second one) and the surfing shots, of course.
Posted by Leon on
A stunning location. The light, colours and your talent result in excellent photography.Was anticipating whats next? whats next!
Cactus flowering was really nice.
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