I took a special summer vacation to Lebanon this year.  Some of my cousins were going so I took advantage to join them.  I had not been there since we fled the country in 1975 when the war broke out.  Lebanon is an amazing and beautiful place.  I wanted to be a total tourist there and I got to go to some of the best sites:

I also got to reconnect with my cousins in Jounieh.  In two weeks I fit in quite a bit.  It was a trip to remember and I wish I had more time.  ♦


Posted by Nicole Vézina on
I wish you and all your friends around the world a Happy New Year!
I'm always a guest and more... a fan of your great site!
Every trip you've done, let me see how great you are and always will be!
Thanks to share with all of us!

Happiness is so close when you feel it inside....
Nicole Vézina with admiration (Isabelle's mother)
Posted by Cissy Jreige on
Great pictures Chawki! the pics are amazing, especially the panoramas, the pics of our village and Byblos!
Posted by Patricia on
Wow Chawki, these are amazing pictures! You're so lucky you got to go with so many from the family!
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