Here are pics from my two-week vacation back home in Halifax.  I usually go in August but this year I went early to attend my cousin Rita's wedding.  Congratulations Rita & Tony! On this trip I got to do a lot of easy hiking around the city and see places I haven't been to since I lived there. Nova Scotia is beautiful!  ♦


Posted by Steve on
Excellent pictures, brother. All of them are great. The party pictures, the hiking, the shots of my girls. I really like the close-up of your watch. Very cool.
Posted by natalia on
Awesome pics! Oh, and it was me who took that awesome shot of you dancing with the arak
Posted by Chawki on
Hey Natalia. Thanks for taking that shot! :)
Posted by Lara on
Love how Patricia photo-bombed you Chawki! hahaha
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