I took a week-long vacation in Halifax since I was relatively close by in Toronto.  I didn't take many shots except at a Pow Wow that I watched with my brothers.  I've never been to a Pow Wow before.  It was so amazing.  My mother also made me take pictures of her flowers.  :)  ♦


Posted by Fabio on
Wow...great pictures Chawki.
Posted by Felix on
As always, Chawki, amazing pics!
Posted by ED on
Hola amigo,
gracias por la oportunidad que nos das de participar "de cierto modo" en tan espectacular competición. De todas las fotos la que más me gustó es la 44, sin dejar de apreciar las demás que tienen a simple vista muy buen trabajo.
Posted by Steve Jreige on
Great shots bro. I had a great time at the Pow Wow. Definitely taking the kids next year. I agree the regalia were so detailed it was a lot to observe at once, but all of them were very impressive and beautiful.
Posted by Claudia on
Definitivamente mis favoritas son la 5 y 6...sin menos preciar la bellella de las demás....maravillosas fotos Chawki!!!!
Posted by Isabelle Chénier on
Wow those are amazing love all the colors. Chawki, as always very great pictures.
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