I took my summer holidays a bit early this year so that I could go to my cousin Chantal's wedding.  Most of these pictures are from that.  It was an awesome wedding and a great time.  I hope you like the pictures.♦


Posted by Steve Jreige on
Bro, these are terrific pictures! There are so many I love, but my favorites are:

- Zeina being funky on the dance floor.
- Rosette and Uncle George (your comment makes this one of my favorites, not the picture itself!).
- Rob's black and white picture.
- all the slip and slide shots of the kids - priceless!

Thanks for these.
Posted by Patricia Jreige on
Me too! I love how Zeina was being too funky for her own damn good!! and I love Rob's b&w pic too. And the pics of you and Steve drunk--awesome.
Posted by Chantale Jreige on
I LOVE ALLLL THE PICTURES!!!! You captured so many nice moments that I never got to see!! I should of hired you as the photographer!! hahahaha

Hope you had a good time at our wedding

Love ya

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