This was my first work trip in Brazil.  I spent a week in norther Goiás state in central Brazil visiting clients and mine sites.  Goiás is where my mother is from and where my father spent much of his time in Brazil so it was great to come here and see a different part of it.  We started from the airport in Brasilia and drove north-west to Barro Alto.  We also got to know Souzalândia, Goianésia, Pirenópolis, and Uraçu.  ♦


Posted by Cissy jreige on
Awesome pictures Chawki! I didn't know that Goias was that beautiful!
Posted by Patricia on
Wow, this makes me want to go back!! Next year bro! Man, I hope you ate some of those cashews!!! I love that fruit. Love the shot of the tucan too!
Posted by Chet on
Love the pictures! The one of the toucan reminds makes me thirsty for a guinness. :)
Posted by Erika on
Great shots- the toucan is sweet!
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