I got to go on a fishing trip to the Fraser River with some colleagues from work.  It was the most amazing fishing trip I've ever been on.  We were out on the water and had no bites for about six hours.  Then at the very end of the day one of my colleagues snagged one.  Three of us had a turn on the rod and after about an hour we brought the thing in.  I could not believe it when I saw it.  It was 8'10" long.  Unbelievable.

Thanks to Craig, Felix, Alastair, Remi, Warren and Eder for the great day.  ♦


Posted by Bob Selzler on
Awesome photos Chawki! What a great lifetime experience! Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Graham M on
Not good viewing for those who didnt make it!
Posted by Claudia on
Saludos Chawki

Increible el animalito ehhh, pero la pregunta obligada es....¿que hicieron con ese enorme pez????
Posted by Chawki Jreige on
Graham, I knew it'd be bittersweet for you. So sorry you couldn't be there!
Posted by Chawki Jreige on
Hola Claudia. Tuvimos que soltar el pez por que estan protigidos.
Posted by Eder Franco on
Thank you Chawki. Very good pictures and day. Cheers, Éder.
Posted by Chrissy on
Chawki! That is so incredible, oh my stars!!!! What kind of fush was it? Like a bottom feeder or something?
Posted by Chawki Jreige on
Hey Chrissy.

It was a sturgeon. Yes, it's a bottom feeder. It has whiskers like a cat fish. They are protected so you have to release what you catch. They can live for like 150 years! :)
Posted by Edil on
Al principio, cuando comencé a ver las fotos, meditaba en que pescar es como soñar despierto, esperando que un pobre pececito caiga, y si no bien, porque uno estuvo allí, tranquilo donde hay que estar en silencio; pero que caray, cuando vi lo que pescaron se me convirtió de repente en una pesadilla agradable y divertida, ya que pienso que sacar este animalito del agua debe ser bien engorroso eh?. Un abrazo. ED
Posted by Patricia on
Holy crap
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