I went to northern Colombia for a few weeks in late May.  I was  doing some work at one of the largest coal mines in the world close to the Venezuela border.  This was my first time to Colombia so I took some holidays after the work was done and spent a few days in Cartagena, an old city on the Carribean Sea.  It's a beautiful city with beaches and an old fortified historic city centre.  Really amazing.  I also spent a day in Bogota touring the city with a friend.  Thank you Nathalia!

I hope you like the pics.  ♦


Posted by Nathalia on
Chawki: Para mi fue una alegría pasar el dia en Bogotá conociendo y disfrutando de tu compañia y de esa linda ciudad que siempre recibe a sus visitantes con mucho cariño.
Con mucho gusto, para mi tambien fue un placer conocerte.
Un abrazo
Muy lindas las fotos ...sali preciosa!
Posted by Isabelle Chénier on
Hey Chawki those are wicked pictures it was worth the wait! Wish I could have been there. I am going to Cuba on Monday for work and I just realized I will have to start taking my own pictures :(

Natalia no nos conocemos todavia, pero un dia seguro. Te ves igualita a tu hermana:)
Posted by Patricia on

Thank you for sharing the pictures of my country with me. Great job with the panorama pictures; they are amazing. I am glad you had a good time in Colombia, and I hope one day you, me and Isa can visit it together.

I will stay tuned for another wonderful session of pictures from your next trip.
Posted by Jose on
Always wanted to visit Colombia (along with most of South America!). I hear Castillo de San Felipe is pretty impressive.
Posted by dgee on
The one w/ the man and the caps for sale reminds me of the book "Caps for Sale" and he says, "Caps for sale. 50-cents a cap."
Posted by ED on
Hola Chawki,
muy bonitas tus imagenes de Colombia, estuve por allá en el año 1996 (en Bogotá, mina Cerro Matoso y Cartagena), todo me impresionó mucho, sobre todo la estancia en Cartagena. En aquel entonces la Habana vieja se caia toda en pedazos, pero hoy, con la restauración se parece mucho a la parte vieja de Cartagena, tengo fotos recientes de esa zona de la Habana te las puedo enviar, chao, un abrazo. ED
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