After a week in Sonora state (Hermosillo | April 2010) we came to Chihuahua (the state and the city) to attend a mining trade show.  We also took the time to see the Pancho Villa museum (Casa de Villa) as well as visit a client in the neighbouring state, Coahuila.  But the highlight of the trip was a tour of the Naica mine...

Naica is just about the most famous mine in Mexico.  It's a base metal mine extracting mostly lead and zinc.  In 2001, though, they inadvertantly stumbled upon a cavern full of giant crystals.  The had been full of hotwater heated from fissures underneath until the pumping of the mine water drained the cave.  Now they give tours of the Cave of Crystals that has .  The crystals are gypsum and scientists figure it took them 500,000 years to grow to the size they are (the world's largest).  The largest crystal in the cave is 11m long and weighs about 55 tonnes!

Anyway, I've been hearing about that damn cave since I started travelling to Mexico.  I've actually been to Naica mine once before but never got to go underground.  I didn't even think the gave mine tours.  It was just a dream come true to be in a place like that.  Awesome.  ♦


Posted by Patricia on
Awesome pics of the crystals! And cool pic of the Lebanese statue!
Posted by Edil on
Hola Chawki,
gracias por tus fotos, éstas me gustaron mucho.
Espero que todo te vaya bien, un abrazo.
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