After a work week in Veracruz I took a couple days to relax in a place I haven't been before.  Campeche is one of the states on the Yucatan peninsula.  I was there during the rainy season so every afternoon at 3:30 it rained unbelievably hard for 10 minutes.  It was a nice place to visit with good sites to see.  I hope you like the pictures.  ♦


Posted by Steve Jreige on
Bro, LOVE the 3rd picture, the one of the lone fishing boat. One of your best ever.
Posted by Laura Elena Rodríguez Leal on
Heey chawki!! how are u!!! im laura! do u remeber me??? we met there!!! in campeche!!! the day i met u i lost my camera!! do u remember that!? jijiji i´m sure u do... jeje that was a terrible day for me... but nice to meet u! jeje
You took really fantastic pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!
see u soon!
Laura :)
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