Here are some shots that I've taken around town over the past little while.  They're all taken with my iPhone.  I got to go to a couple of soccer games which were just amazing.  Atlético Mineiro have had an amazing year and it's been awesome to see Ronaldinho play.  I've also included some videos from those games.  ♦

Here a shot of the crowd.  The whole stadium was filled with nothing but Atlético Mineiro fans.

Here is Ronaldinho missing a penalty kick!

Here is Ronaldinho taking an awesome free kick and hitting the side of the goal.

The crowd unfurled a huge Atlético banner.  It was taken down faster than it was opened up.


Posted by Erika on
Fabulous shots Chawki! Love the double rainbow.
We miss your photography skills here in Van, but we like living vicariously through your pictures!
Posted by Kelly on
Do you miss the no-fun city at all????!Just kidding.Such awesome spirit in Brazil.Especially at a soccer game!Wow Chawki fantastic pictures!!! Aret you going to Halifax for Christmas ?
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